WP Astra Theme Review (Astra 2.0): Everything You Need to Know About

Here in this WP Astra Theme Review, we are going to take you completely through Astra WordPress theme. We have tested and used Astra theme in order to develop content for this in-depth Astra theme review.

Update: Astra Theme 2.0 is officially launched on 19 August 2019. So, to get you the best information, we are updating this review with Astra Theme 2.0 Review.

Astra is a WordPress theme available in both free and premium versions depending on the type of usage of a person. You can create a beautiful website easily with Astra WordPress theme. We have tried to cover all aspects of an ideal review, We wish that you’ll get everything you are looking for in this review.

Still, if you have any question or query then you can ask me instantly through live chat icon on the right bottom of the screen or you can leave in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you within 12-18 hours. So, let’s start with theme review now.

Brainstormforce keeps this theme updated with new features and add-ons. Recently there were few things added in this theme which we are mentioning here in this heading of this article. So, as to keep this WordPress Astra theme review updated with the latest information.

Note: This Review was last updated on 19 August 2019 with Astra 2.0 Launch.

Astra Theme Review – 2.0 is Here…

Astra theme is available in both free and premium versions. The free version of this theme is good for basic websites and normal usage. A website for any business and concern can be made with this WordPress theme. Astra theme is a complete package of style, speed, compatibility, and customization.

What’s New in Astra Theme 2.0?

  • Customizer used in Astra theme is restructured for better performance and features in Astra 2.0 update.
  • As per our use of Astra theme, it is easier now and we can agree with BrainStormForce that it is the easiest theme to work with.
  • Update 2.0 is focused on giving you speed so you can create something better with ease and less time.
  • Previous bugs with Elementor and visual composer are now fixed.
  • New conversion-optimized templates for page builders added.
  • Gutenberg gets more template layouts.
  • Speed of customizer is extremely low now from 3.8 seconds to 700 milliseconds.
  • A new tab for global color and typography options.
  • Reduced PHP requests.

What are the Key Features of Astra Theme?

Firstly, let’s consider key features of Astra WordPress theme, by this we will be able to know how the theme is created to work and what are the key factors developers have taken care of. So, here are the key features:

  1. Speed Focused
  2. Easy to Install and Configure
  3. One of the Most Page Builder Compatible themes
  4. Powerful Add-ons and Options
  5. WooCommerce Compatible
  6. Dedicated Premium Support

These are few major key points of this theme and during our Astra theme review, we’ll strictly look at these features and measure how well these works.

Why Choose Astra Theme?

There are plenty of reasons for choosing this theme for your website. Astra theme is a complete solution for any sort of business and concern. It is compatible with all major page builder and plugins along with WooCommerce. You can create an attractive website with Astra theme within a few hours. Agencies are using this theme to develop websites for their clients. This one theme will work like a charm for agency solution for website development. During our wp Astra theme review, we found these super awesome features, you can find them below:

Ready to Import Website Templates

There are dozens of pre-made website templates which you can directly import and make a website with. These website templates give you the ease of creating websites in a few hours. You can access these templates through Astra sites plugin which is included in the theme package which you purchase from the website. Just import the template and customize its content as per your need and requirement.

No Coding Required

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to work with Astra theme. Changes can be easily made by drag and drop customizer module in this theme. Even if you are a new person in this field, you can build your website with Astra theme. In our Astra theme review, we created websites completely with drag and drop. We didn’t feel like we need coding knowledge at any place.

Compatible with Page Builders

Astra theme gives you the ability to use it with all famous page builders. Along with compatibility to work with all major page builders, Astra allows you to turn off sidebars and page titles. It serves you with complete designing freedom and ability to design full-width pages.

Super Fast Loading Speed

One of the main features of Astra theme is fast loading speed. Astra is made for super fast loading speed of website with all essential and attractive modules. WP Astra is the lightest theme available in the market and provides tremendous performance. There are plenty of themes available online but none of them matches the performance of the Astra theme.

Customize Everything Easily

WordPress Astra theme provides you with its advanced customization options along with native WordPress customizer. It gives you the freedom to customize these according to your needs. It allows you to make changes with the help of options as well as with the help of drag and drop customization options. You will get a real-time preview of your changes as soon as you apply them. No Need to change tabs to see changes and applying them to live site to see changes. You can see them in real time preview.

Layout Settings

With the help of this option, you can manage website layout settings like container layout, header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar, and footer. Other than these, there are various layout customization options which can be applied to make changes to website layout.

Colors & Typography

During wp Astra theme review, we found that there are various fonts, colors and typography options available in this theme. You can change the look of the font and website color scheme according to your brand theme color and other aspects.

Header Options & Layouts

Astra theme comes with several inbuilt header layouts which can totally change first fold look of your website in seconds. Pro version of Astra theme adds more advanced and creative features to the header.

Blog & Archives

You can easily control the design of your blog, posts, and archives. There are plenty of options available in the customizer to customize the layout of your blog, posts, and archives.

Astra Theme Templates Library

Pre-made website templates is something which every agency and website creator wants. Astra comes with a wide range of pre-built website templates for almost every purpose and business. Templates helps you in saving a lot of time as you don’t have to create a site from scratch. Just import a demo website, and put your content in it. You will be having a website completely ready for you por the client within minutes. This is how the import window of Astra theme looks like:

Astra Starter Sites
Astra Starter Sites

Astra starter sites plugin is available for those who are using basic / free version of Astra theme for wordpress.

Astra is Schema Ready 😃

During our Astra theme review, we tried to test this theme with schema snippets. Schema snippets are one of the important parts of search engine optimization. When developers say its SEO friendly, you must check with schema snippets compatibility. Because schema plays a very important role in SERP. In case you are wondering what are schema snippets, let me tell you:

What is Schema?

A schema is a different type of code which you insert in your website in order to show detailed information to the users directly on SERP. This helps search engines in knowing about what your content exactly is. There are different types of schemas like products, reviews, event, recipe, articles, organizations and a lot more. Schema Pro is the best plugin for schema markups and it is 100% compatible with Astra WordPress theme as it comes from the same development house. For example, here is a small image which shows how schema looks:

Schema Snippet Example
Schema Snippet Example

Page Builder Compatibility

Brainstormforce, which is the developer company of Astra them, claims that it is compatible with all major page builders available for WordPress. We looked into this. We have tried this theme with all major page builders like Custom types ready, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer, and Divi Builder. As claimed by developers, It performed well with all the page builders mentioned above. These are the page builders which you will be getting as suggestions from any or all major WordPress websites and theme developers, so it is important for a theme to be compatible with these page builders.

Unmatched Performance

Developers of Astra theme has coded this really well. They have coded each and every line of code in a way that enhances the loading speed and performance of the Astra theme. Developers claim that:

  • No JQuery is used : Sometimes render blocking jquery slows down the website, so they have used vanilla javascript here to enhance performance.
  • Less than 50KB in Size : As compared to other wordpress themes which requires around 300KB of resources, astra here needs only 50KB of resources in order to load completely.
  • 0.5 Seconds Loading Time : With the default data given in astra theme needs only 0.5 seconds in loading. The theme is completely optimized and delivers fast performance.

So, to test the claims, we decided to manually test this theme over different website loading speed checking websites during wp Astra theme review. These were the results. Well, for information we would like to tell you that we took a little heavier demo of Astra theme to analyze than the one on which company made claims.

We received following results after checking :

  1. Instead of 100% Grade on Pingdom, we got 95. Still, 95 is a very impressive number.
  2. On Google speed insights, we got 86% instead of 95%.
  3. GTmetrix showed 1.3 Seconds fully load time. 1.3 Seconds for a complete website is a really impressive time.
  4. On YSlow, we’ve got 87% which is just matching to the claims.

Well, these numbers are still very impressive and didn’t change our recommendation to go with astra theme.

Astra Theme WooCommerce Compatibilty

Yes, you can create WooCommerce websites with Astra theme. There are some attractive features which include stylish product snippets and pages, Off-Canvas filtering options, hover effects for images, box shadows, quick view, horizontal and vertical gallery, Ajax adds to cart, product navigations, cart option in the menu, 2 step checkout as well as distraction-free checkout, and much more. Again, the module is focused on providing performance along with better conversion using new styles and distraction-free checkout pages. During our Astra theme review, we tried woocommerce functions and as expected, it was working brilliantly well.

Astra Theme Templates – Starter Sites

Developers have packed it with ready to start website templates which we also call demo sites. You can import these demo sites within a click and then you can use them to create an entire website for you. Astra is having demo sites for almost every purpose, so you just need to import demo website and change content in it. Your new website will be ready within minutes. Here is an example of how demo sites library looks in Astra theme:

Astra Theme Starter Sites
Astra Theme Starter Sites

There are over 23 designs available in free plugin for Astra basic / free theme. You can get astra starter sites plugin here for free.

Astra vs GeneratePress vs OceanWP

Well, there has been a lot of buzz about these three themes. We tried testing all 3 of the themes and then prepared a comparison review. If you want to know about the comparison between Astra vs GeneratePress or Astra vs OceanWP then you can read this comparison review at Astra vs GeneratePress vs OceanWP vs Genesis. In short, Astra was the best theme out of these 3. So, from us, we’ll suggest you go with Astra in this Astra vs GeneratePress comparison.

How to Install Astra Theme on WordPress?

Installing Astra theme is a pretty easy task. You can do it easily. Also, if you are installing a WordPress theme for the first time, then look at the steps given below, It will help you in installing Astra theme on your WordPress website:

Steps to Install Astra Theme on WordPress
  1. Download theme file (.zip) from your account on brainstormforce.
  2. Store file on your computer.
  3. Now, on your wordpress admin panel, Hover on Appearence and choose themes.
  4. Now on top of screen, you will see “ADD NEW” option. Click it.
  5. On on add new theme page, choose Upload theme and select .zip file you downloaded from Brainstormforce.
  6. Activate the theme now and you are done.

Astra Theme Review 2019: Features

Astra theme is one of the best themes for WordPress out in the market. This theme has been sold for over to 1,00,000 times so far in less than two years of launch. People are loving this theme because of it’s attractive and creative features. We have tried each and every feature of this theme during Astra theme review and found everything working well. So, here are the features of Astra theme:

  1. Transparent Header
  2. White Label
  3. Blog Layouts
  4. Site Layouts
  5. WooCommerce Compatible
  6. Sticky Header
  7. Page Headers
  8. Color Control Options
  9. Typography Options
  10. Custom Layouts
  11. Scroll to top link
  12. Footer Widget
  13. Header Section
  14. Header Designs
  15. Spacing Control
  16. Boxed, Full Width, Fluid and Padded Website Layouts
  17. Background Control
  18. List, Grid and Masonry Blog Layouts
  19. LifeterLMS Integration
  20. LearnDash Integration
  21. Mega Menu
  22. WooCommerce Designer
  23. Hooks & Filters
  24. 5 Star Support

and a lot more with updates from developers…… Astra is a perfect theme for anyone. Being an agency or an individual, you don’t need any other theme to work. Astra will work perfectly everywhere.

Mega Menu in Astra WordPress Theme

After many beta releases, Astra finally having a perfect mega menu option. It is released in Astra Pro v1.6.0. A mega menu allows you to create dynamic and more engaging as well as informative menus. It includes several styling options, widgets in menu options and page builder templates in the menu. Developers really have done magic with their work. Here is a little example of how a simple mega menu will appear. Here it is:

Astra Theme Mega Menus: Astra Theme Review
Astra Theme Mega Menus: Astra Theme Review

How to Update Astra Theme to Astra 2.0?

Procedure to update your existing website on Astra 2.0 is easy, just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be able to update your website to Astra 2.0. You must have received a notification in the themes tab of WordPress panel. Simply click on update over there and the theme will get updated. If in case you are not able to automatically update it, you can use these steps to update to Astra 2.0 manually.

  1. Install the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin.
  2. Download zip file of the Astra theme 2.0 here.
  3. Upload the downloaded zip as installing a theme.
  4. If you are Astra Pro user, download the zip file of the plugin from downloads tab of your Astra account.
  5. Upload the downloaded zip as installing a plugin.
  6. You are done.

Astra Theme Pricing & Plans

It is available in different pricing options. Astra basic is available for free also and you can easily download it. It is available in 3 different pricing options. All 3 are mentioned below with pricing and discounts.

Astra Theme (Free)Astra ProAstra Agency
It is perfect theme for any basic website. You will be getting following things in this theme: Astra pro will add-on features to basic astra theme and you will be ready to create high engaging websites. Astra agency will include everything which you are getting in astra pro along with the things mentioned below:
Accessibility Ready Unlimited Websites Library of Pre-Built Websites
Performance Optimized Updates & Support for 1 Year Top Selling Plugins from Developers (Brainstormforce)
SEO Friendly 20% Renewal Discount Astra Pro Addon
Auction & Filter Hooks Transparent Header and Sticky Header Astra Premium Sites
Made for Page Builders Advanced Footer Convert Pro
WooCommerce Ready Color & Typography Options All-in-One Schema Pro
Custom Header & Footer Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
WooCommerce Ready WP Portfolio
White Label Ultimate Addons for Elementor
and many more mentioned above in review. Access to Future Plugins
Unlimited Websites
Updates & Support for 1 Year
20% Renewal Discount
Transparent Header and Sticky Header
Advanced Footer
Color & Typography Options
Custom Header & Footer
WooCommerce Ready
White Label
and many more mentioned above in review.
Free Download Get Pro for $59 Get Agency for $249
Table by LastWP.COM

Conclusion of this Review

Astra is a really good theme for any sort of business or concern. If you have so far made your mind to buy it then go for it now. Also, use link above to apply 10% discount by using coupon. Astra will be your one time purchase for multi purpose usage. During our wp astra theme review, we didn’t find any lacking factor to mention. There weren’t anything major which should be mentioned here. Hope you have got answer to your queries after reading this review. If you are having doubts then you can ask us in comments.

Declaration for Transparency: This is a completely unbiased review and is based on my test and analysis. I didn’t get paid to write this review and it is completely honest. If you still have any question or doubt then you can ask us.


Astra WordPress Theme: Honest Review
  • Speed
  • Setup
  • Page Builder Compatibility
  • Support
  • Pricing
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