SEMRush Black Friday Deal 2020: 3 Deals, Up to 50% Discount!

SEMRush Black Friday Deal

Happening on 25th November 2020, SEMRush Black Friday Deal will be offering 30% discount on Double Keyword Bundle . This offer from SEMRush ➚ will be giving you savings of up to $918 on purchase of any annual plan of SEMRush. Black Friday and Cyber Monday week is the best time to purchase expensive tools like SEMRush at a discounted price. You are probably saving money for 2 months when you buy it for a year. So, you are paying for 10 months only. If the price of your plan is $400 monthly, you are saving $800 on annual purchase. That’s really great.

Last year in 2019, SEMRush discontinued its usual discount which they were offering previously. They have replaced the discount with free membership of TrafficThinkTank worth $119 with all plans bought on black friday. But, the issue is that this membership is quite useless for most people. TrafficThinkTank membership is useful for those who don’t know much about Search Engine Optimization. So, if you were searching for SEMRush Black Friday Deal, you are on the right place and you’ll not be disappointed here.

SEMRush Black Friday: 30% Discount + 50% on Additional User ✨

Well, If you are looking for the best discount on SEMRush, I must say you are in the right place. We’ve gathered the best Black Friday Deals on SEMRush and other tools. SEMRush is offering 50% Discount on Additional User + SEMRush Pro Subscription and 30% Discount on SEMrush Competitive Research Bundle. As we all know, SEMRush is the best competitor research tool in the market. Even we use it for multiple businesses in doing competitor research and creating a marketing strategy for businesses. Building online businesse is quite hard without SEMRush.

How to Claim this SEMRush Discount on Black Friday?

Claiming this deal is very simple. Starting from midnight, the sale will be live for the entire day on 29th November. Now, let’s quickly have a look at how this SEMRush deal is going to work. Make sure to follow every step properly otherwise you will not be provided the special discount.

  1. Go to SEMRush special sale page using this link. This link will only work 25th November, 2020 onwards.
  2. Choose the plan you want to buy. You will get to see the discounted prices.
  3. Proceed to checkout and complete with the payment.
  4. Please make sure that you are creating a new account as this is only valid for new users only.

What is SEMRush and why you NEED it?

SEMRush Black Friday - Why you need it?
SEMRush Black Friday – Why you need it? | Picture from: SEJ

Competitor research is the most important task when you are about to start your internet business. SEMRush has a huge database of keywords and backlinks data which can help you a lot in creating and ranking web pages. It works like youo are able to see what your comeptitors are doing and what strategies they are using. Being this much useful, SEMRush is expensive also. During this SEMRush black friday sale, you can grab it at disocunted price and save upto $918.

Knowing about your competitors has never been this easy. Just put the website URL of your competitor in SEMRush search box and it will get everything in front of you. SEMRush will help you in getting following information and insights:

  1. Search engine traffic.
  2. Keywords on which competitors are ranking.
  3. Which pages are ranking on keywords.
  4. Keywords search volume.
  5. Competition.
  6. CPC.
  7. Trends.
  8. Domain analysis.
  9. Site audit.
  10. related keywords, and more.

Using these metrics and information, you can easily determine how much you need to work for ranking on the same keywords. Also, you can prepare a complete strategy to outrank your competitors. It is a must-have tool for internet marketers, bloggers, businesses, and SEM professionals.

What are some features of SEMRush?

  • Most accurate tool to get organic traffic information about any website.
  • SEMRush is the only tool that offers historic search data about a website.
  • Analyze lifetime traffic data with charts.
  • Perform keyword research on domains and individual pages.
  • Full fledge Competitor research.
  • Keyword research with CPC, Competition, and volume.
  • Website audit.
  • Domain to domain comparison.
  • In-depth backlinks analysis.
  • PLA research.
  • Advertising research.
  • Social media tool.
  • SERP Keywords tracking.

Final Thoughts on SEMRush Black Friday Deal (Click here to Grab It Now)

The SEMRush deal mentioned on this page will help you in saving big on your purchase. Saving up to $918 on purchase is not a usual thing, so if you are thinking that you’ll get a better deal, you are wrong. So, don’t delay your purchase and grab SEMRush black friday deal now. Click on the button given below to avail of this offer right away.

How to Use TrafficThinkTank Coupon from SEMRush? (OUTDATED)

A lot of people got confused about using the TrafficThinkTank coupon collected from SEMRush Black Friday Sale. So, if you were among those, here are the instructions for you. It will help you in utilizing TrafficThinkTank free membership worth $119. Follow these steps to avail it:

  1. On the 8th day from the purchase date, you’ll receive TTT coupon from SEMRush.
  2. Go to TrafficThinkTank.Com and click on signup. Choose a monthly subscription and apply the coupon which you got from SEMRush.
  3. Now, put your credit or debit card information and proceed. You can turn-off automatical renewal.
  4. You will receive your login details from TTT.
  5. Don’t forget to turn off automatic renewal if you don’t want to pay for the subscription for the next month.

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