Organic Traffic Sources for Niche Website Promotion

Blog, will be considered dead if you are not getting traffic. Today I am telling you major organic traffic sources for niche website and blogs. Every webmaster knows that traffic is lifeline for any blog or website or any digital internet entity. Without traffic you can’t achieve anything. knowing appropriate traffic sources for niche website is must to achieve your goals and attract traffic to your blog.

Without getting traffic you won’t be able to get to the target audience and no target audience reach means no conversion for your business. The most common and known way is organic traffic. Organic way is also one of the most beneficial way and also considered by all webmasters. Organic ways require a lot of hard work which also results in the desired fruit. So, here we go with the organic traffic sources for niche websites.

Organic Traffic Sources for Niche Website Promotion
Organic Traffic Sources for Niche Website Promotion

Major Organic Traffic Sources for Niche Website and Blogs

#1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Most popular organic source of traffic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the biggest search engines for organic traffic. To get organic traffic from the search engine, you must rank there on top pages of Search Engines.

The Internet is full of tutorials, videos, books and other helpful stuff to learn SEO. You must know about the latest and proven techniques of SEO to achieve results fast and appropriately. You can learn SEO from Youtube, Online Forums, Blogs and Websites, Online Courses and more stuff.

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#2. Social Media Resources

SEO is the most considered way for long term results. SEO is time taking but Social Media isn’t. You need to build Facebook pages and groups over social media related to your niche to get targeted and instant traffic to your blog. Facebook is an open social media network where anyone can create Facebook pages and groups.

For Example, If you are having a blog on Internet marketing, then you can create pages relating to internet marketing on facebook and other portals. You can create groups ad communities to collect your target audience. These pages and groups will be a resource for you and your blog for lifetime and it can offer you big traffic and engagement.

#3. Video Distribution Platforms

Video distribution and video marketing are the proven ways of attracting targeted traffic to your blog or website. Videos are capable of attracting viewers worldwide and also they are more understandable as compared to written content. Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion are some most famous websites and blogs for attracting customers.

#4. Press Release Distribution

Press Releases are also a very good and proven way of attracting targeted traffic to your blog or website. Press release is available for paid and free options. Some major websites for PR distribution are PRLog, PRWeb and others.

#5. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the most powerful way of increasing targeted visitors on blog or website and it also increase your organic SEO rankings. Guest blogging can give you backlinks and also you can route users to your blog with this method. Guest blogging also helps in making brand value and trust.

These are some commonly used and most powerful traffic sources for niche website and blogs. You can grow your blog very well with these methods. These are long term methods which will give you a consistent traffic.

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