How to Get Approved on BuySellAds

BuySellAds is very selective when it comes to approval process for new publishers. Today in this post I am going to tell you about how to get approved on BuySellAds. Its good to hear that you are starting a blog but you are currently not sure about how to earn money out of it. You might have tried AdSense but it will not be allowing you easily to become their publisher. So in this condition BuySellAds is a good option to go with. But, buySellAds is also strict at approvals. So here we are for your help.

You can look out on may websites which claims to have tricks to get BuySellAds approval but in reality they are just terms & conditions mentioned by BuySellAds. We are up with the complete solution to your problem and will tell you how to get approved on BuySellAds.

So now lets talk about things involved in getting approval from BuySellAds to be able to serve ads on your blog.

#1. Design of Your Blog

Design of your blog or website is the first thing for which any network will look for. They goes through the layout and attractiveness of your blog and its design. So, make sure to have a good layout and prefer to use a premium theme. Make your website like a professional website instead of a short term looking website. I have tried many times and finally I got approved on a blog which was the best every blog I built in terms of design and attractiveness.

#2. Be Professional at About Us and Contact Us Page

After checking through your website design and attractiveness they scroll down to your website information. A about us page and contact us page is most important pages in order to explain about your website. So how you would know that what are the information needs to be mentioned.

Just put a link in main navigation to About us page. There are some points which are important to be mentioned in your about us page.

  • What sort of product or service you are offering.
  • History About your website and a bit about yourself.
  • Your short profile and writers on board with photograph.
  • Why your audience should visit and believe you.

You also need a good contact us page showcasing different departments of your website. You can see our contact us page which is built very good taking in-mind about almost every important aspect.

Do mention your social profile links to your about us and contact us pages to build more trust.

#3. Your Update Frequency

This is also a very important thing. Every ad network approval team will look for your posting frequency. So same BuySellAds does in order to get approved on buysellads. Make sure that you put an update daily on your website until you are approved by ad network. Every Ad Network want that their ads will be shown on new and updated content so they consider those website with high update frequency.

So these are the thing which you need to keep in mind and make sure that you comply with all this above in order to get approved on buysellads. BuySellAds usually takes 1-3 business days in approval process. It will be good if you have good alexa rankings and also good domain metrics.

So go now and apply for your buysellads account now.

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