How Digital Nomads Can Use A Virtual Receptionist to Help Their Business

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the term “office”? Most people think about traditional office spaces with nicely dressed people sitting at their desks and talking on the phone or using their computers. Today’s image of an office isn’t necessarily the same as the traditional one. As more and more people choose to work as “digital nomads” and remote employees, any space that provides a wi-fi connection can be an office.

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How does this change affect customer service? How can a digital nomad run their business in the absence of the stability offered by a brick and mortar office?

This article shows you three ways that using a virtual receptionist can help your remote business stay stable regardless of how much you travel.

Keep your clients satisfied round the clock

When you change the location of your office, chances are your timezone also changes. If you want to maintain good relationships with your customers, you need to make yourself available to them during their daytime. This means that you may have to take their phone calls during your night time. Guess for how long you’ll manage to do that without feeling exhausted. By hiring a virtual receptionist to take their calls, you’ll be able to enjoy your night rest without affecting the good relationships with your customers.

Reduce your workload

Most often than not, running a business remotely means that you only have a handful of employees to tackle a huge workload. Even worse, you may be running your business completely alone. Hiring someone to take your calls will offer you more freedom to focus on the most important tasks without disruption. You can read and address all these messages at a time that’s the most convenient for you.

Enjoy your freedom

Not having a stable working environment may not allow you to hire additional staff, as that would require you to settle. Our team of call-handling professionals provide high-quality virtual receptionist services. By using our team, you’ll be able to move freely and work from anywhere you want in the world.

Tips for Creating A Virtual Receptionist Greeting

Using a virtual receptionist can be beneficial to your company; however, the welcome message that greets your clients and customers should be carefully constructed. Read these tips to help ensure your virtual receptionist’s greeting welcomes your callers.

Make the Greeting Clear

An automated virtual receptionist’s greeting should be clear and welcoming. The automated virtual receptionist should answer questions, ask questions, and properly route your callers to the correct department or person. The greeting should thank the caller for their business or call. This welcome will ensure that your customers feel that they are valued. Ensure the virtual receptionist clearly states the company’s name and include your company’s slogan or tagline following the greeting. Visit AnswerFirst Communication’s website to find out more about services and for useful advice.

Your Greeting Should Be Precise

Long greetings can annoy your caller. Keep your greeting short and precise to prevent your callers from becoming irritated or bored. No one wants to sit on the line waiting to hear which number they should press to get to the appropriated department. Customers and clients are what keep your business running, so remember this when creating a greeting. Avoid overloading the virtual receptionist with a plethora of menu options. Include two or three common departments that your callers typically want to speak to. Include an option to speak with a live person by staying on the line or pressing a particular button.

A Friendly Welcome

You never want to sound unreceptive, unwelcoming, or hostile. An unwelcoming greeting can turn off your clients and customers. Ensure that the greeting of your virtual receptionist is pleasant. The recording should be precise, friendly and welcoming. Additionally, it is important to remember that your customers and clients are the lifeblood of your company, so make sure that you are courteous and welcoming when you talk to them.

The Call Experience

Background noise, poor sound quality, or a difficult to understand accent can be detrimental to your company. When your clients and customers call your company, you want the recorded greeting to sound professional. Make sure to plan out your script carefully before it is recorded.

Make Your Greeting Sound Human

Callers typically become irate when they are forced to talk to a computer or robot. Of course, your callers realize that your virtual receptionist is not a live person; however, that does not mean that your greeting should sound robotic. Make sure that your greeting sounds as human as possible. You may wish to record your menu options in your own voice rather than using the automated option. After you have recorded your menu options, listen to it. If any parts of the message are difficult to comprehend or sound strained or awkward, re-record them. Remember that the first thing your clients or customers will hear is your message so it should not sound rushed. You want your greeting to make a good and lasting impression with your clients and customers.

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