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I was seeing a lot of questions in various groups and forum from last few weeks. The questions were about what are the best google penalty checker tools. This question was asked by people who seen a dramatic decrements in their website analytics. Suddenly they experienced de-indexing and drop down in organic traffic. So, people was loosing their rankings and they don’t know what is happening. These are some symptoms of website penalty. You website might got penalize by Google. So, how to check out that is it really penalized or there is something else. Generally there are a lot of tools and sites available over WWW which can check it. But still most of the sites are just playing a game with you. I checked a site and 2 times it showed me that my site is penalized and 1 time showed it is safe. So, I was totally disappointed with that site. I have searched and found two best google penalty checker tools for you.

So, lets check our sites now.

The First one is Website Penalty Indicator by FEInternational

Website Penalty Indicator by FEInternational

This website penalty checker tool uses SEMrush organic traffic data which in actual shows organic traffic. This tool analysis your websites according to the latest google algorithm. The tool works pretty accurately and also shows data very well.

Second one is Panguin Tool by Barracuda

Panguin Tool by Barracuda

Panguin Tool by Barracuda is a very deep analytics tool. This tool will let you know how and why google penalty stroked your website and what are the impacts it caused to it. You can use this tool for Free.

So, people this was a very short post and in this post the only motive on me was to let you know what are the best google penalty checker tools. Check your websites and do comment if you like this post or you want to ask anything.

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