Honest 10Web Review – Really a Complete Solution for Your WordPress Project?

10Web which is a part of WebDorado, it an extremely interesting and useful WordPress solution. WebDorado used to provide themes and plugins solutions for WordPress, now 10Web it is an entire solution for your WordPress website. In this 10Web Review, we will be covering all the aspects and performance of 10Web services.

Like many companies over the past years, 10Web has also adapted the Software as a Service (SaaS) model of business. In SaaS, companies charge customers on a monthly, quarterly, or annual bases instead of charging for the single product. Customers get access to a large number of products and services from the provider. This is why 10Web call them as an All-in-One solution for WordPress website or a WordPress Project. We will take a deep view of all the features and solutions being offered by them in this 10Web Review.

As we all know, as a CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites and blogs for yourself or for your clients. WordPress is the highly customizable website creation platform.  A WordPress website can’t be created without using plugins and themes on it. 10Web is an entire solution for creating website with WordPress which includes everything from Hosting to Themes & Plugins. So, all you need is just a subscription of 10Web and you are ready to build your website.

Now, let’s quickly move to the 10Web review. Here we go….

10Web Review – What is 10Web?

It is a leading WordPress services company with over 10 Million downloads of its products and 700k active users worldwide. 10Web offers you a complete solution to manage and optimize the entire website creation process for both individuals and businesses.

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One of the biggest benefits of 10Web service is that you will be saving a lot of your money. If you look at the costing of hosting, theme, plugins, optimization, etc. individual services for each month, you will get to notice that Web10 is providing a complete package at a very effective cost.

Let me quickly take you thorough what 10Web will offer you in their 1 plan which is sufficient for entire website:

  1. WordPress Cloud Hosting
  2. Website Builder
  3. WordPress Themes
  4. WordPress Plugins
  5. Regular Backup Solution
  6. High-Class Security
  7. Optimized Website Speed
  8. SEO Optimization
  9. Analytics
  10. Technical Support

This was a quick look at what is being offered, now let’s start with this review and look into it practically. Also, we will also let you know about the features in detail and performance too. So, keep reading…

Managed WordPress Hosting – Powered by Google Cloud

Managed WordPress Google Cloud Hosting with 10Web.io
Managed WordPress Google Cloud Hosting with 10Web.io

Hosting plans of 10Web is powered by Google Cloud which is the fastest and most reliable hosting solution available in the market. Website loading speed is one of the biggest factors in SEO of your website. Google Cloud servers provide 3x faster performance and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

While starting a entire new website or web project, the most important thing is a hosting server. There are many companies in the market, but the best one will give you perfect performace otherwise you will stuch with server issues and your business will suffer.

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting type which is specifically tweaked for the WordPress platform and this is the reason it provides seamless performance. Gone are the days when people used to configure everything manually in order to get better performance of their website. You are getting everything pre-configured, you just need to install and start focusing on your business.

Major features of 10Web Managed WordPress Hosting

Being powered by Google Cloud, there is no doubt on the performance of the hosting of 10Web. Along with this, there are many features of their hosting plans about which you must know. So, let’s have a look at their features and how useful these features are:

  1. Staging Environment: It creates a clone of your website on which you can check all the changes as a user before publishing it live. This helps in ensuring that the site you publish live is perfect for users.
  2. Multiple Data Centers: 10Web is using data centers in 4 different continents which ensures faster data transfer between the user and the server.
  3. 10 Days Backup: The server automatically creates backups of your website and keeps them for 10 days. So, you can easily access the backup of your website in case of any data loss for 10 previous days.
  4. SSD Powered: Their servers use the latest generation SSD devices to speed up the data transfer rate and speed of websites hosted on their servers.
  5. In-Built Caching Service: Hosting plans of 10Web comes with Nginx Fast CGI caching technology which makes your website run faster and rank higher on Google.
  6. Free SSL Certificate: Upgrade all your website to a higher security level with SSL certificate. Also, Google recommends using SSL, it also gives a sense of trust to the users.

During our 10Web review, we evaluated their services for about 15 days. We’ve created and tested the performance of the website on their servers and as they claim, the performance of the website was extremely good. Our website got a loading time of 3 seconds on their WordPress optimized servers. We didn’t face any server downtime, although 15 days was a short time to study about downtime of a server. But, the performance of servers was extremely good and we didn’t face any issues with it.

In-Built Website Builder – Elementor

Well, giving a page builder plugin as a website builder solution isn’t an innovative step, but 10Web has developed 20 premium widgets for Elementor which makes website creation process more easy and creative. Choice of page builder is perfect because Elementor is the best page builder at present (You can read Elementor Review here.).

Now, elementor is an third party plugin which can also be downloaded by anyone from WordPress plugins directory. What is the unique thing they are offering in page builder? The answer is, 10Web Elementor components. Let’s take a look into it.

Template Library: 10Web has created an entirely new collection of pre-made website templates which can be easily imported to quickly create a website. This feature is currently not released to customers but it will be available very soon.

Widgets Library: You will be getting premium elementor widgets which means that you don’t need to buy any third party plugin to get extra modules in elementor page builder. The team has carefully developed the most demanded and essential modules, so you won’t feel like you are missing on something. Here is the list of elementor elements you are getting with 10Web:

  • Posts
  • Pricing Table
  • Flip Box
  • CTA
  • Countdown
  • Photo Gallery
  • Form Maker
  • Slider
  • Title
  • Post / Archive Title
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Content
  • Featured Image
  • Site Logo
  • Post Info
  • Post Archive
  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook Feed
  • Posts Navigation
  • Share Buttons (Coming Soon)
  • Testimonial Carousel (Coming Soon)
  • Menu (Coming Soon)

50+ Premium Plugins 😍 – 10Web Review

A WordPress website can’t be completed without using various plugins. Plugins help us in adding more functionality to the website and making it more user-friendly and creative. It doesn’t matter if you are running a website or a personal blog, you will be needing plugins. 10Web offers you 50+ premium WordPress plugins in their service plans. Each of the plugins costs around $30 individually, but with 10Web, you are getting it included in the package. These 50+ premium plugins include almost everything which you may need for your website. Let’s take a look at the plugins and their functionalities.

Form Maker

Form maker plugin is having over 2 million downloads on WordPress directory. It is one of the easiest to use drag and drop contact form maker plugin for WordPress. So, creating contact forms will not be an issue for you in any way. You can create contact forms within minutes with all advanced features and spam protection.

Photo Gallery

It is the most popular photo gallery plugin for WordPress with over 9 million downloads. Anyone can easily create dynamic photo galleries with this plugin. This plugin is based on Drag and Drop so you don’t need to do any technical work. With 10 different designs, it is the most creative photo gallery plugin for WordPress.

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar plugin is extremely useful for those businesses which are conducting events. You can create and show events using this plugin. One can create as many events as they want to create with this plugin. Along with events, you can also show event location and timings with Events calendar WD. It has 775k+ downloads on WordPress directory.

Drag & Drop Based Slider Plugin

The slider plugin you get with 10Web is one of the easiest to use slider plugins for WordPress. It gives you ease of creating beautiful and elegant sliders within minutes with just drag and drop of elements. Also, If you want to show video in slides then you can do that with this slider plugin. It is completely responsive and mobile friendly as well as SEO friendly.

Google Maps WD

Place fully customizable and responsive google maps to your WordPress website by using this plugin. A map helps in building trust and letting know about where your business physically present. You can easily setup maps on your website with this plugin. It is completely responsive, user-friendly, and SEO friendly. You are getting features like Multiple-Layer maps, Map Markers, Store Locator, Different Themes, Directions, Market Listing Options, and much more.

These are few plugins about which we talked in depth, here are some more plugins you are getting with 10Web subscription plan:

  • Instagram Feed
  • eCommerce WD
  • MailChimp WD
  • Facebook Feed
  • Google Analytics WD
  • YouTube WD
  • Post Slider
  • Ad Manager WD
  • Team WD Plugin
  • FAQ WD Plugin
  • Spider Calendar, etc.

After purchasing any plan from 10Web, you don’t need to look about any plugin from other third-party websites and services.

Templates – A Design for Everyone (Updated)

Update: Themes are now changed with Templates, below we have updated this review for you with current templates offered by 10Web to the users.

Current Scenario:

I must say that 10Web is a customer-centric company. Previously, a lot of users was facing issues with the availability of themes to use on websites. Also, as you can read below, we still have the previous scenario mentioned.

Now you are being offered dozens of templates which can directly be installed on your website from the dashboard. 10Web has made sure that they won’t miss out on any industry. Let it be a blog, real estate, restaurants, corporates, photography, portfolios, automobile, e-commerce, technology and anything else. They habve a template available for all the purposes. Also, they are working on imcreasing the number of templates available in their library for users. So, I can say that the issue with themes is solved now. Themes were the only major issue for me with 10Web and it is solved now.

Old Scenario:

10Web used to give you access to 6 premium WordPress themes. These themes were formerly developed by Web-Dorado. All the themes provided to you can be used to create websites that are hosted on 10Web subscription plans. Well, the number of themes provided is very short and as per our personal view, these themes cannot serve all the purposes. So, unfortunately, you will have to look for themes from other providers.

These are the themes you will be getting in 10Web subscription:

  • Sauron (MultiPurpose Theme)
  • Business Elite (Corporate Theme)
  • Best Magazine (Magazine Blog Theme)
  • News Magazine (Magazine Blog Theme)
  • Business World (Corporate Theme)
  • Portfolio Gallery (Portfolio Theme)

If you are considering that you will completely be covered with themes then please don’t consider this subscription to be sufficient for theme needs. For creating advanced sites, you will be needing themes from other providers.

Reliable Backup Service – Regular Backups ✅

Data backup is one of the must feature you need in a hosting service. Website backups must be created regularly to prevent data loss and protect you against any mishappening with your website data. Most of the leading hosting provider offers website backup services, but some of them charge an additional amount for backups.

10Web offers you a reliable backup service with options scheduling weekly, monthly, and daily backups. They don’t charge any additional amount, you will get everything included in the subscription. It will perform a complete backup including files and database. Smart backup helps in performing backup only when there is a change in files or database. You will be getting free cloud storage with Amazon S3 with your subscription plan. Backup files can be chosen among .tar, .zip, .tar gzip, and .tar bzip2.

Performance – Analyze and Test Your Website Speed

Testing and analyzing website performance is one of the most attractive features of 10Web. You don’t need to subscribe or move to any other external service to analyze the performance of your website. Fast website performance is a must for good user experience and higher search rankings. You can test and measure your website performance on a regular basis and work on weak points. This service will give a grade to your website depending on the performance. Along with this, you can compare your website performance and optimize website based on optimization suggestions.

Images are a big factor in speed optimization. Majority of people are struggling with optimizing images without sacrificing with the quality of the image. 10Web offers you a service with which you can optimize your images without losing quality.

Search Engine Optimization – Amazing Feature

SEO is a must for all the business which are looking to make their presence on Google and other search engines. Web10 offers you variety of SEO tools and options to work with. These tools improve your efficiency of doing SEO with much more concentration and ease. By using 10Web SEO tools you can get insights on search queries, clicks, and technical errors of your website. You will be getting a dedicated dashboard from where you can have an overview of SEO performance. These are the unique tools you are getting within your 10Web subscription:

Search Analytics: Get complete information about search data along with queries, clicks, impressions, CTR, and SERP Position. You can also group data by country to get a better view of the audience.

Technical Analysis: Get SEO Optimization suggestions based on website review performed by Web10 tools. These suggestions will be based on your posts, and pages.

XML Sitemap: No need to install any other plugin, you can directly manually or automatically generate sitemaps. Also, you are getting options for taxonomies and post types to include or exclude in the sitemap.

Search Console Page: Get full list of SEO errors on your website. Fix them and improve your search rankings.

Custom Meta Box: SEO optimization features in 10Web help you in adding separate meta description, title, keywords for each page and post. Also, you can adjust social media and open graph configurations.

Canonicalization and Redirects: A lot of times we face duplicate content issues. You can take care of it by adding canonical URLs to your posts and pages. Also, it helps you in getting rid of 404 not found pages.

Open Graph Settings: You can take a preview of posts and pages about how they will look on search engines by using this feature. Also, you can configure social media open graph configurations using the meta tab.

User Roles: You can allow contributors and editors to edit meta properties of posts they publish by giving them rights. This helps in handing over the work to the responsible person and saving your own time and efforts.

SEO Service (Amazing): You can track as may as keywords you want to track. This will keep you updated about the position of your keywords on SERP. This is basically a feature for which people pay $$s every month to the service providers. This is an upcoming feature and will be added soon to the subscription plan.

Great! What about Security?

So far, the offering of Web10 has been great and worthy. Now, let’s talk about the most important factor, Security. In my personal opinion, it is the highest number of tools being offered by a host which I saw in Web10’s offering. You are covered with a premium WordPress security solution. These solution and tools are especially dedicated to WordPress users. A website must be protected against false practices. You don’t need to worry about it now, Web10’s scanning tools will let you know about every vulnerable point of your website so that you can secure it. These are the tools you are getting with 10Web for Security purposes:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • File Changes Scanning
  • Original File Restore
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Scheduled Scans

10Web Subscription Plans & Pricing (Special Offer)

Firstly, all the plans are offering the same features. There is no discrimination of features provided between all 3 plans. Three plans are differentiated by the hosting space. Personal plan starts with $25 monthly which can be availed at $8.75 monthly (here). Well, let’s take a look at all three plans in brief:


*Managed WordPress Hosting
*1 Hosted Sites
*25k Monthly Visitors
*5GB SSD Storage
*All the Features and Tools Mentioned Above
*Premium Technical Support


*Managed WordPress Hosting
*3 Hosted Sites
*100k Monthly Visitors
*10GB SSD Storage
*All the Features and Tools Mentioned Above
*Premium Technical Support


*Managed WordPress Hosting
*10 Hosted Sites
*400k Monthly Visitors
*40GB SSD Storage
*All the Features and Tools Mentioned Above
*Premium Technical Support

10Web Review – Conclusion

After trying their services for around 15 days, we’ve got to the conclusion that services are no doubt attractive and the price is also very reasonably offered. The only thing which sort of disappointed us was the variety of themes available. Well, it is also true that most of the websites don’t get suitable themes easily from one vendor, for this, ThemeForest is the best place. If you agree to get the theme from other sources then 10Web will work like a charm for you. We didn’t face any issue with their hosting performance. All other tools which we mentioned above were working perfectly fine except a few which had some bug. Developers are continuously working on making it better day-by-day for users, so those bugs will be sorted by the time you read this 10web review.

I am positive over this complete WordPress solution. Now it is over to you, if you are going to buy it, don’t forget to get this 65% lifetime discount (Click here to get it) and use coupon mentioned below.


65% Lifetime Discount for LastWP Exclusively

Get 65% Discount for Lifetime on Web10. Use this Special Web10 Coupon. This discount is exclusively available for 10Web users.
On Going Offer
Honest 10Web Review
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Editor & Builder
  • Premium Plugins
  • Premium Themes
  • Backup & Support
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Pricing & Plans
User Rating 4.75 (4 votes)

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